Murtra Xumetra   she is born in catalonia  (Barcelona)

                                ARTS and SPIRITUALITY                                                          
I dedicate myself to the Arts and the Spiritual Life;
Active in different fields,
also to cultivate natural life. As well as the transmission of Inner Peace as the basis for being able to find the authentic self, starting from the Love to the Truth that is in the heart of all things.   
As well as to transmit also, the importance of living in the natural state of Consciousness to learn the mechanism of the mind and discover the simple and great value of living in harmony and joy.

Misericordia, has always combined her art with healing arts trying to keep and to transfer Art within all which is done in life, her work have been realized in civic centres, Institutes, Colleges, Public Libraries, Universities, Schools Theatres, etc....in different countries including: Spain, Italy, Mexico, U.S.A. , Tunisia, Canada, Cuba, Switzerland, France,Wales, England, India, Germany.

As an Artist: she has been dedicated to the arts of drawing, painting, body expression, dance, scénic interpretation, through paintings exhibitions, classes, small concerts...etc;
As a spiritual transmission
she has been qualified in:
- Occupational  psychospiritual guidance of Human Relations.
- Iridology - and Superior Reflexology.

Studies, works and experiences: Meditation, Phitoterapy,- Nutritional Dietetic,-Naturopathy and -Macrobiotic-, Kabalistic and esoteric Astrology, -Reiki-, Ayurvedic disciplines with massages and respiratory training, initiation meditation.-Pranic Healing.Yoga.
In relation to nature, within her trajectory she has practiced Permaculture, Organic Agriculture and Gardening, through Ecological and organic centres, getting involved in the international wwoof, organisation in order to learn and to amplify her knowledge of nature and human interaction with it.

At presentMisericordia collaborates with her companion Jeronimo, ( Music Composer, Painter.....etc; ) in the creation of" Deiahdehl ": An artistic movement, which is didactic, ecological and therapeutic in aiding development of the consciousness and personal growth.

Dedicated to all of you, this is my heart felt message:
Every day i live the experience that all significance comes from one infinite significant, so vast and transcendental that there´s just one way to try to get to it:
Through the LOVE and CONSCIENCE, to learn with infinite patience to arrrive at its COMPREHENSION.

Translator: Emmi -Cirencester-(England)
e-mail: misericordia.deiah@gmail.com

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